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trump will win


Posted 10:40 pm, 02/21/2024

YOU dont even know if they will have control of comgress until after the election. But if you like the way things are going by all means keep on keeping on. This Putin crap you spew is total bull ****.

the dog's butler

Posted 10:29 pm, 02/21/2024

The do-nothing Reputiticans in Comgress will be the downfall of Trump and give full control of Congrss to the Democrats.


Posted 10:03 pm, 02/21/2024

Keep following the dogs but advice an you will wind up in the poor house. "Puten wing of th Republican party" what a joke this cat is.


Posted 9:06 pm, 02/21/2024

I am not going to stay home and let Trump win. I would vote for a test before I would vote for Trump.


Posted 8:50 pm, 02/21/2024

cumen (view profile)

Posted 8:00 pm, 02/21/2024

Democrat's will never vote for Trump. Trump is a total scumbag.

Good for you,,,,stay at home


Posted 8:38 pm, 02/21/2024

And they will continue to go up no matter who president is.

S L O W it down if you have to.


Posted 8:31 pm, 02/21/2024

uno it is a thing, thats not it, read my words s l o w l y so you understand. jan 2023 mine was $1.07 skip to jan 2024 $ 28.95


Posted 8:00 pm, 02/21/2024

Democrat's will never vote for Trump. Trump is a total scumbag.


Posted 7:56 pm, 02/21/2024

RollOnTurds sure does know how to fall for the russian propaganda.


Posted 7:55 pm, 02/21/2024

Duke's riders have been a thing long before Biden was president and they won't go away under trump.

Get educated.


Posted 7:54 pm, 02/21/2024

As I recall Putin endorsed Joe Biden.

the dog's butler

Posted 7:32 pm, 02/21/2024

In thw long run, the Putin wing of the Republican Party will never win.

Whiskey Slick

Posted 7:13 pm, 02/21/2024

Gascon check out Nikki Haley. It don't have to be Trump.


Posted 6:27 pm, 02/21/2024

The way things are going up, now the rider on duke energy, he will win. Democrats will turn to Trump, I am.

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