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To borrow frome Fakey


Posted 1:37 pm, 02/22/2024

DLD, Trump isn't worth anyone's hate. Hatred is a much too intense emotion to be wasted on the likes of your orange idol. If you have termites in your basement, you should have them exterminated, you don't hate them but like all vermin they need to be eliminated. Get rid of the termites and your basement's a better place to live in. Get rid of Trump and America's a better place to live in!


Posted 12:00 pm, 02/22/2024

Number two would be the same reason you hate Trump.


Posted 11:27 am, 02/22/2024

Wow! borrowing from Fakey. Who'd have thought anyone could be that hard up?

the dog's butler

Posted 11:04 am, 02/22/2024

So for you:
1. The green new deal led to higher electric bills.

Fair enough.
What about your #2 and #3?


Posted 10:45 am, 02/22/2024

I thought the **** was from Dellaware but what do I know. Maryland is a new one for me.


Posted 10:40 am, 02/22/2024

The dogs but, anybody that cant see whats going on with this green new deal is past helping. You probably get your rocks off every time you see the ****. Can you not see the people on here talking about high electric bills? Thats part an partial to the green new deal. So enjoy

the dog's butler

Posted 10:38 am, 02/22/2024

I ment for those to be examples and not my beliefs nor yours.
I'm just trying to understand why someone would hate Joe Biden.


Posted 10:35 am, 02/22/2024

None of the above. Hes on the way to ruining the country. You the dogs but are one of his enablers.


Posted 10:33 am, 02/22/2024

I am just trying to not pay attention for a minute. Too old to go all radical.

the dog's butler

Posted 10:31 am, 02/22/2024

What 3 things makes you hate Biden so much?
Kepp it short, like :
1. His German Shepherd dog bite
2. He's from Maryland
3. He's Catholic.


Posted 10:06 am, 02/22/2024

**** lying you have a problem with reading? I despise Joe Biden probably more then anyone on here.


Posted 8:25 am, 02/22/2024

DLD (view profile)

Posted 9:35 am, 02/21/2024

How does it make you never Trumpers feel to learn that Trump has a 4 billion payday a coming?



Posted 12:00 am, 02/22/2024

Fakey what you say is right. But Trumps going to be alright even with those crooksdoing that. The SEC just gave him the go ahead to start trading in a move that could be as high as 10 billion. Anywhere between 4 to 10 billion dollars. An you have someone on here saying he may be selling tube socks out of a PT cruiser. For what its worth I wouldnt mind having a PT cruiser myself. But you know that was a dig at Singer. I have a friend who has one with about 40,000 miles an I love it. I bet Singers is every bit as nice as that one.His has a stick shift in the floor an I could tool around in it all day.


Posted 11:33 pm, 02/21/2024

Let's look at this from a different perspective'

A common tool in crime investigation is a picture board with lines tying commonalities of the perpetrators.

Let' now put up the pictures of the DAs AND prosecutors involved.

What do we see?

A disproportionate representation by POC AND the lines of funding for their campaigns all tracing back to horhay sorarse.

Over on the side sit los demonRatZ, providing political cover AND smugly watching their useful idgits do their nasty deeds.


Posted 10:09 pm, 02/21/2024

The Dogs But. all your news sources, cnn reuters cbs are reporting it. You people are funny, talking like you are billionaires.

the dog's butler

Posted 12:41 pm, 02/21/2024

Karma can be a *****.


Posted 12:20 pm, 02/21/2024

this is what liberal, dem law professor Jon Turley says about it. He suggests it is NOT blind justice, but BLIND RAGE. And he calls the ruling 'OBSCENE'.



Posted 12:01 pm, 02/21/2024

Never Trumpers? Confusing question since you're a never trumper, you should know .
Millions of voters are "Always Trumpers" now matter how many lies and witch hunts you support.

Trump's lawyers said yesterday Trump is prepared to put up the money needed to appeal the corrupt judges ruling. The lawyer said your crooks have messed with the wrong man this time. You have messed with a very rich man who is prepared to take this to appeals court.

This will not stand of course. It is so obviously corrupt and every honest legal mind is calling it what it is.

And even the non honest legal minds knows this is a quagmire caused by this crooked judge that has done irreparable damage to New York city, and more businesses will be vacating that city, and moving to states that are 'Trump states. "

Then you can watch another Trump lawyer who is going after Letica James who corruptly campaigned, and stated in her campaign ads the was running to 'get Trump.

Trump will never pay a dime for this corrupt verdict, brought by a corrupt judge who stated his intent six days before the first word was spoken in a courtroom.

Does the mush in your little pea brain really understand what is happening to yet another witch hunt against Trump?

the dog's butler

Posted 11:22 am, 02/21/2024

That $4 billion is all smoke and mirrors .


Posted 10:53 am, 02/21/2024

Crickets, thats a B like in boy. So as not to confuse anyone.

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