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NY Gov admits legal targeting was only at Donald Trump.


Posted 8:24 pm, 02/21/2024

They will all be laughing stock

Joseph T.

Posted 7:45 pm, 02/21/2024

The case is going to be over turned by the federal courts if not by a state appeals court on Constitutional grounds.

Eighth Amendment

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.


Posted 10:50 am, 02/21/2024

Hey trybutt, coulda YOU tell us who suffered financial loss in Letitia's case?


Posted 10:46 am, 02/21/2024

Just like no one suffered any loss from the closing of Trump U and his many other failed enterprises. Everywhere Trump has his financial footprint there's a case of financial loss, except for Trump.


Posted 10:41 am, 02/21/2024

This thread has nuffin' to do with paying one's fair share of taxes.


Posted 10:07 am, 02/21/2024

Anti, reference your posting of 31 cases. All of these cases involved actual fraud of money. May have been the same law but as others have stated, no one lost money. I know fraud is fraud but the cases are apples and oranges.


Posted 10:03 am, 02/21/2024

I borrowed against my house to make through the Obama years . The bank sent out an appraisal person and that's all I could borrow against. Why are the Banks that Trump borrowed from being prosecuted at the very least the appraisal people should be prosecuted also. Or did the bank take the word of the customer as to what the property was worth?


Posted 10:01 am, 02/21/2024

Like when you dont pay your taxes, then you pay those taxes back?

Is it similar to that?


Posted 9:39 am, 02/21/2024

tribune (view profile)

Posted 9:19 am, 02/21/2024

Would someone just please tell me that if Biden has got the justice dept so effectively weaponized against Trump, how come they're all over Hunter and not Trump's kids


Democrats couldn't find any wrong doing in President Donald J Trump children. But look at New York 4 million dollar for what? Absolutely nothing.


Posted 9:19 am, 02/21/2024

Would someone just please tell me that if Biden has got the justice dept so effectively weaponized against Trump, how come they're all over Hunter and not Trump's kids?


Posted 8:49 am, 02/21/2024

When a person barrows against their property they will say it's worth such an such. The bank send out a person to assess what they say the property is worth. Then they compromise on a loan that both are comfortable with. Either except the bank's offer or deny the banks offer. The loans were paid back plus the banks says they would be happy to give Donald J Trump another loan. Democrats are just out to destroy a Great Man that cares for Americans.


Posted 6:29 am, 02/21/2024

Call up there and ask them.

Albert Pike

Posted 6:14 am, 02/21/2024

So the people of NY State were the victims, now does the people get the 355 million or does it go into the NY general fund, sounds more and more like NY needed a cash cow and this way they were certain they'd get the money.


Posted 6:07 am, 02/21/2024

NY State Law is their own breed.

"12. Whenever any person shall engage in repeated fraudulent or illegal
acts or otherwise demonstrate persistent fraud or illegality in the
carrying on, conducting or transaction of business, the attorney general
may apply, in the name of the people of the state of New York, to the
supreme court of the state of New York, on notice of five days, for an
order enjoining the continuance of such business activity or of any
fraudulent or illegal acts, directing restitution and damages and, in an
appropriate case, cancelling any certificate filed under and by virtue
of the provisions of section four hundred forty of the former penal law
or section one hundred thirty of the general business law, and the court
may award the relief applied for or so much thereof as it may deem
proper. The word "fraud" or "fraudulent" as used herein shall include
any device, scheme or artifice to defraud and any deception,
misrepresentation, concealment, suppression, false pretense, false
promise or unconscionable contractual provisions. The term "persistent
fraud" or "illegality" as used herein shall include continuance or
carrying on of any fraudulent or illegal act or conduct. The term
"repeated" as used herein shall include repetition of any separate and
distinct fraudulent or illegal act, or conduct which affects more than
one person. Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, all monies
recovered or obtained under this subdivision by a state agency or state
official or employee acting in their official capacity shall be subject
to subdivision eleven of section four of the state finance law.

In connection with any such application, the attorney general is
authorized to take proof and make a determination of the relevant facts
and to issue subpoenas in accordance with the civil practice law and
rules. Such authorization shall not abate or terminate by reason of any
action or proceeding brought by the attorney general under this section."


Albert Pike

Posted 6:06 am, 02/21/2024

So who was defrauded? It wasn't the banks, so who was defrauded?


Posted 6:03 am, 02/21/2024

Fraud is fraud.

Albert Pike

Posted 5:57 am, 02/21/2024

The NY AG did not enforce any laws, Trump was not charged with a crime, it was a civil lawsuit.

This smacks of extortion by the state of NY, from the article;
"In order to file an appeal, the courts require a deposit for the full amount of the damages or a bond covering the full amount. Even with escrow options, the call for cash or collateral can be enough to put some executives in a fetal position.
It can be challenging enough for many companies drained from years of litigation. For Trump, the demand for $355 million plus about $100 million in interest could force a fire sale on properties to pony up just the deposit."


That's why Trump wasn't charged criminally, NY doesn't care about righting wrongs; they're just trying to bankrupt him.


Posted 5:39 am, 02/21/2024

"If your political views are different than mine, I am coming after you."

The biden "impeachment?"

LOL. You cheer that, but not this. How ironic.


Posted 5:37 am, 02/21/2024

"We need to enforce the laws we have."

But clearly not a fan of some laws being enforced.

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