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In a rare bout of sanity, Virginia cancels mandate requiring sale of only EVs by 2035


Posted 12:35 pm, 06/14/2024

Just like the steam locomotive "an infernal machine that breaks down every few miles." Except it aint infernal!

How long have you been a member of the Flat Earth Society Tommy?

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 12:02 pm, 06/14/2024

At the end of the day people want a vehicle that goes when and wherever needed without worrying about can I get back or is it too cold. EV's are a lot like Segways just a fad.

DB Cooper

Posted 9:55 am, 06/14/2024


Posted 9:29 am, 06/14/2024

And yet they still keep making 'em, marketing 'em, selling 'em and buying 'em. Despite the right wing politicians and the oil companies and "incentives" they're still churning out those expensive, unreliable, short range EV's.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 7:30 am, 06/14/2024

Set aside the cost and dependability issues. No one wants to be limited on distance. Just buy a normal car or truck and be happy


Posted 7:25 am, 06/14/2024

We can always rely on our liberal leftist SchittZ to spew spinstractions to gig a thread.

In 2023 EVs were less than 7% of vehicles sold, even with supply chain improvements AND dealer incentives.

Government mandates are a curse on a free market.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 6:29 am, 06/14/2024

I can't speak for everyone but yes I've driven an EV and no I'd never buy one.


Posted 10:19 pm, 06/13/2024

I have had my cybertruck since feb and I LOVE it, its one of the best vehicles that i have ever owned! The ones hating on EVs simply have never driven one!


Posted 9:20 pm, 06/13/2024

Well one million people in 2023 in the US liked EV's enough to buy one.

Like any vehicle, an EV doesn't suit everyone's driving needs or function. I prefer the hybrid.
I think the mandate is ambitious at best, but with every new development in technology some day the goal may be met.

Thomas Hobbes

Posted 6:05 pm, 06/13/2024

People don't want EVs and only a fraction of the market is buying.


Posted 4:43 pm, 06/13/2024

Remember when it was going to be impossible to build a car that got 30mpg? Remember how unleaded gasolene was going to ruin the industry?


Posted 2:45 pm, 06/13/2024

You mean in ten years they're not going 100% EV , shocking,

DB Cooper

Posted 8:30 am, 06/13/2024


Thomas Hobbes

Posted 8:24 am, 06/13/2024

Excellent news!

DB Cooper

Posted 8:20 am, 06/13/2024

Virginia has become the latest state to cancel a mandate that follows California's stringent vehicle emission law requiring the state to only sell electric vehicles by 2035.
Gov. Glenn Youngkin repealed the zero-emission standard that was put into place by his predecessor. Chet Thompson, former EPA official and current president of the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, joined The National Desk Thursday morning to discuss the law.

"The California law we're talking about is called the Advanced Clean Car rule and what it does is effectively bans the sale of new gas and diesel cars in 2035," Thompson said, adding that the number ramps up between now and then.

Thompson believes Sacramento should not be setting national transportation policy standards for the U.S.

In a news release, Youngkin called the law a "misguided electric vehicle mandate imposed by our elected leaders nearly 3,000 miles away from the Commonwealth."


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