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Honest discussion on inflation


Posted 12:49 pm, 06/12/2024

I've already shown that oil companies were using the pandemic as an excuse to price gouge. The Democrats tried to pass several bills to let the federal government force them to stop, but of course the GOP blocked them.

Jack Schitt

Posted 11:10 pm, 06/11/2024

Gas prices didn't go up because of bidens policies,


Posted 4:42 pm, 06/11/2024



Posted 1:30 pm, 06/11/2024

Before singer goes on some rant about how Biden is going to go to prison or whatever...

I recognize that none of you have presented any evidence at all that the hyper inflation is Biden's fault. DLD posted some speculation on the actual topic, but facts proved his speculation to be incorrect.

In comparison, I've shown several sources proving that it began under Trump, and that Biden was able to reverse it. And the Fed agrees.

Does this mean that you will all finally admit that the hyper inflation began under Trump and was a direct result of his actions? And that Biden brought the economy back to normal levels?

Or is this another example where a few of you will call me a liar, insult my looks and my mother, and then declare yourselves the winner of the debate?


Posted 9:04 am, 06/11/2024

But here is the silver lining ...
84 percent of people are aware their lives will be worse under more of biden.

That mean that only 16 percent of the adult public are as stupid as uno and the other worthless mutts.

That eighty four percent will be voting Trump.

And they will have to spent the next four yrs watching Trump ordering investigations, seeing indictments and trials and imprisonments of their heros.

Watching while Trump fires thousands of gov workers who are part of the swamp. Changes the FBI the DOJ. Strips the classification from the fifty one intell traitors that committed treason.

And they will be dealt with Constitutionally and legally for their crimes.

They don't have much to look forward to . And they see their handlers scared and worried.

There is something wrong with the brain of these sub human, anti America first traitors.


Posted 8:42 am, 06/11/2024

Wrong as always, Senile Singer!

Keep chasing that carrot, they love you for allowing them to own your feeble mind!


Posted 8:36 am, 06/11/2024

See how quickly one of the worst mutts popped up?

This one has more sign in names that Heinz has varieties.

It obvious who anyone that I am not senile. My mind runs circles around Joe Biden's . Yet this brainwashed fool calls me senile and supports biden with all his senility, all his corruptions, all his and his families hundreds of crimes. and all the perversions of that perverted family.


Posted 8:10 am, 06/11/2024

The hilarious irony from the captain of the low level gullibles withs real out of touch post, again.

Senile Singer your posting get more and more filled BS. Truly is remarkable watching someone buy into so much BS and try to pass it off as real life.


Posted 8:06 am, 06/11/2024

If everyone who is not one of them would just accept the fact they are no longer like the rest of us, understanding where they are with America is clearer.

They REALLY are brainwashed against their own country. They REALLY do want what is happening. They have no problem with anything that comes from the political party that messed up their minds in the first place.

They have been what they are for decades. They revealed it only because Trump happened.

Now they only agree with what they are told to agree with.

They only know what their handlers allow them to know. There is a vast amount of fake news they believe because they are lied to and then they swear by it.

They get their 'truth' from wikipedia . These people are not politically well informed, nor politically intelligent.

And many of them are not very intelligent in all ways.

We are literally dealing with people who are not all there in their minds. The genuilly believe the trash the media feeds them.

They literally do not have the mental capability to go against the lies they are told.
The refuse the FACT that Donald Trump was the best pootus in anyone alive. Trump is literally the best potus we have ever seen . They deny that FACT and support the perverted treasonous traitor biden.

Just look back over Trump's four yrs. They spent every day of their lives waiting for 'walls caving in on Trump.

They call Trump a liar, and ignore the million lies that come straight out of the mouth of lying biden.

I as for them to show me ONE lie from Trump's mouth,and they linked WIKIPEDIA'

That is what we are dealing with. They are dumb sheep, noting more.


Posted 7:30 am, 06/11/2024

Gandy likes buying China junk and not supporting American made products and companies . China workers what make $1.00 a day American workers have to ****20 an hour just to make it under Bidenomics. Then there's the college graduates that are engineers designing the products who need to make more. Gandy calls them greedy. The business owners need to make money to pay the Bidenomics overhead , workers comp , property taxes, healthcare for their employees, new technologies, etc , yet Gandy calls them greedy. Gandy buy a plot of land near town put a building on it and start a business see how much money it takes.


Posted 7:07 am, 06/11/2024

Once again we can always rely on 'ol shouldadollyt to spew a spinstraction set to jerk a thread AND bash those it disagrees with politically.

Note the newest tag line from its vile behavior for the focus of its derision AND contemptuous ridicule = "low level gullibles"

YOU go, dolly, the one AND only cloned shoulda !


Posted 6:08 am, 06/11/2024

LOL. Them low level gullibles blame presidents from decades ago for their poor financial decisions, but 3.5 years and trump is not to be mentioned?

Tell us more about how easily manipulated yall low level gullibles are!


Posted 12:38 am, 06/11/2024

Biden is in office now for 3 1/2 years and everything is still Trump's fault

Inflation began to decrease in July 2022, and by June 2023 it was back down to the healthy 3%. Which, you may remember, 2-3% is the "sweet spot" that the Fed wants.

So no... I blame the inflation that began under Trump on Trump, and I credit Biden was stopping the growth within 1 1/2 years and bringing it down to a healthy rate in 2 1/2 years... which I've shown was faster than any other first world nation.

I also credit Biden with the fact that wages began to outpace inflation by February 2023, so that by today the average American is making more than enough money to offset the previous inflation.

What is it that you're specifically complaining about?

What Anti was talking about is why are grocery about doubled in price under Biden. No excuses for that.

I actually blame that on Congress. It's a well known fact that food processors and grocery stores, as well as oil companies, were raising prices well above inflation just to increase their profits.

This article is in reference to the FTC report...

Biden tried to implement a "'Federal State of Emergency"' bill that would have allowed him to make that illegal, but Congress didn't pass it.

This is just two examples of several similar bills...

I don't know how Biden (or anyone) could have stopped it without Congressional approval.

Anti can blame Trump all she wants, but its a known fact that these prices have went out the roof under her man. No discussion to it. It gets tiresome with her Trump this an Trump that an never once blaming one thing on Biden.

That's the point of the thread, DLD... I've shown why I believe that Trump is to blame, since the hyper inflation began in May 2020.

And as I've shown, the Fed agrees. They stated that the hyper inflation was a result of Trump's tariffs on China, Trump's immigration policy, and COVID... which I believe to have been so bad in the US due to Trump's failure to respond appropriately.

What facts do you have to show why you think that it is Biden's fault?


Posted 12:35 am, 06/11/2024

If it makes you feel better, Joe is not number one in inflation. Joe comes in at Number 2 behind Jimmy Carter. They did change how they measure it like not counting groceries but still come in over 19 percent. But Joe stated, give me four more years and I can beat Jimmy. I don't understand your love with China. They were and still are at war with the United States. They steal our intellectual properties, we were buying their junk but wouldn't sell ours. The money that we borrowed from China decreased under Trump. China has stated they want to be the only super power. I guess you don't believe them. Now do you remember when the democrats wouldn't let people go back to work and giving all the money away. Now put on top of that, all the money that Joe Biden has spend to 100,000 a second in the hole. The dollar lost 15 percent of its value just last year. Last week FDIC there is up to sixty banks in trouble. Americans hold more debt than ever. Joe has let millions of immigrants in when there is housing shortage for Americans Now you and the extreme left can tell all the lies about how great things are, but the rest of us have been to the grocery store, see the prices of houses and cars and the rest of the bills that come in. By the way, you know who had the lowest inflation? Donald Trump


Posted 7:24 pm, 06/10/2024

Poll.. "84 percent of voters say they will be worse off under biden second term'

The majority of people know the facts. They are trying to live through them ..

If Trump win Nevada he wins the presidency.


Posted 7:17 pm, 06/10/2024

gandydancer49 (view profile)
Posted 3:48 pm, 06/10/2024
I told this story some time back ? Part for my lawnmower at a particular dealer $160 + shipping. SAME in every way from Amazon $23.95. I call that greed and "buyer beware ". I try to shop around more now myself

Which electric mower did you opt for. I know a liberal leaning Democrat isn't mowing with a fossil fuel powered mower.


Posted 6:55 pm, 06/10/2024

Bidenomics is hurting young people, homeownership is out of reach now for most.


Posted 5:50 pm, 06/10/2024

That how you end up believing the dumb **** the man on the TV feeds you, ****?


Posted 5:38 pm, 06/10/2024

Democrats like to deny deny deny because it rhymes with lie, lie, lie


Posted 5:33 pm, 06/10/2024

Low level gullibles are addicted to whining. Never forget when they blamed the 2008 financial crisis on obama, who wasn't even elected yet.

Similar scenario.

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