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Fox Predicts Biden Wins?


Posted 1:50 pm, 06/12/2024

The MAGATS are still sore that even with Putin's help they couldn't steal the election a second time. So, they resort to the good old Nazi/MAGAT ploy of accusing your opponent of doing what in fact you were doing. It's got old and it's worn thin, how many more Trump appointed jurists have to throw his crap out, before you and your orange idol get that everyone's onto you?


Posted 1:17 pm, 06/12/2024


Posted 1:03 pm, 06/12/2024

No Republican I know would skip the opportunity to rescue America from the Marxist Democrat attack on our democracy

DB Cooper

Posted 1:03 pm, 06/12/2024

Poor dumb anti. Still riding that Russia train...

the dog's butler

Posted 12:55 pm, 06/12/2024

More proof you can stay home. ALL the blacks wil turn out and vote for Trunp.


Posted 12:48 pm, 06/12/2024

The ole Hillary Clinton skit " Wez gwina heps youz po dumb black fokes vote" is over. Don't know if you have noticed but black voters all across the country are switching parties. They simply got tired of the being used and neglected year after year from the Democrats. You need to keep up


Posted 12:47 pm, 06/12/2024

I still think that Trump will win. He has the full support of Russia behind him, and they're unscrupulous! That's billions of dollars, plus farms dedicated to create fake news.

Besides, you'll remember that Hillary led Trump in the polls 99% of 2016. And while she won the popular vote by about 3 million votes, she still lost.

From the electoral votes, Trump has a solid 235 and Biden has a solid 226. The states that are undecided are Pennsylvania (19), Georgia (16), Michigan (15), Wisconsin (10), Arizona (11), and Nevada (6).

Biden HAS to win either Georgia or Pennsylvania. If he loses both then the others are irrelevant.

It's still anybody's game.


Posted 12:41 pm, 06/12/2024

If it means voter ID, how could it be more fair

the dog's butler

Posted 12:40 pm, 06/12/2024

There was no proof of election fraud in 2020.
This time the Republicans want only their election works in place. Is that a fair election?


Posted 12:39 pm, 06/12/2024

Dog butt, why don't we just look at recent history. Which party has already stolen and election and which one has not. You poor dear brainwashed goof


Posted 12:33 pm, 06/12/2024

The MAGATS what might be considered a win/win situation with their predictions. When they lose again in November, they'll just say the election was stolen again.


Posted 12:30 pm, 06/12/2024


the dog's butler

Posted 12:25 pm, 06/12/2024

That guy did not take into account "stealing" the election.
But you are wrong on which party will try.
The Republicans are working hard on preventing some valid votes from counting and spreading false claims of voter fraud.
They ate trying to get the right (Republican) election officials in the right precincts to cause enough chaos to tip the election in their favor.
It may only take a few precincts to decide the election basis on the Electoral College.

It may not matter at all in Wilkes County. Trump has the county in the bag. So if you support Trunp you can just Stat at home and not waste your time and money.


Posted 12:16 pm, 06/12/2024

Not so fast, If the Democrats dump Joe all the ballots filled out up to that point will not count.


Posted 11:59 am, 06/12/2024

I predicted Biden would win, (or be able to steal the election) back on Super Tuesday. Trump must win by enough to keep the Democrats from stealing it again. Nobody knows exactly how much that is, but I figure about 5 points.

I don't think Robinson wins either. Hope I'm wrong on both counts.

the dog's butler

Posted 11:17 am, 06/12/2024

Click on the video. This guy makes sense.

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