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Abused by the badge... that Blue Shield


Posted 7:53 pm, 06/12/2024

Y'all about ready to get y'all some of that Martial Law? It's a coming.....


Posted 6:24 pm, 06/12/2024

Arrest them, try them. If convicted, they get one of 3 choices: Shot, hung or electrocuted. Same for every other convicted pedo in the country. If they ain't breathing, they can't re-offend. End of story.


Posted 5:50 pm, 06/12/2024

Go ahead and spout some more lies foxnit. You're good at it.


Posted 5:48 pm, 06/12/2024

Go fly YOUR flag Jimbob


Posted 5:41 pm, 06/12/2024

Loony foxnit showcasing willful ignorance again.


Posted 5:36 pm, 06/12/2024

Just another Anti American anarchist sowing distrust in favor of defunding the only protection we have. DEFUND THE POLICE, that is the Marxist chant. Why not ask some these lawless liberal cities how that is working out. There are bad apples in every group, however the law enforcement community are willing to throw them out, BLM, Antifa, Palestinian protestors and the DNC are not


Posted 4:14 pm, 06/12/2024



Posted 4:12 pm, 06/12/2024

You're welcome

DB Cooper

Posted 3:57 pm, 06/12/2024

Wow, anti! Thanks for letting us know the justice system is broken. I would have never figured it out.


Posted 3:49 pm, 06/12/2024

A Washington Post investigation found hundreds of law enforcement officers in the United States have sexually exploited kids. Many avoid prison time.

The report found that when cops commit crimes, they are rarely reported in the news. And in many cases, they are able to get charges lowered or evade convictions in ways that other people can't; including "generous plea deals" given by prosecutors.

Out of 1800 arrests of cops for child sex crimes, 83% were convicted but 39% were not sentenced to prison. 24% received probation, fines, or community service.

Of those that were convicted and incarcerated, they "serve an average roughly 63 percent of their sentences before being released."

One example was a Marc Dody... given a 6 year prison sentence for raping a 15 year old girl, but got out in 2 years. Three months after his release he was charged with sexually abusing another child... he was convicted for that in 2023 and was then released in May 2024.

Another example is Levy Kelly Jr, who repeatedly raped a 15 year old girl and another teenage girl whose age wasn't given. He was indicted in 2012 on more than a dozen counts of rape and child enticement, and was facing life in prison. As of 2022, there had been no trial and he was free on bond.

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