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But he can transport his invading Haitians all over our country.

Home made Liquor
somebody got caught making it we all know in wilkes if you don't pay your neighbors off and not let your buddies know what you are doing ...

Schools no longer telling you if your kid was exposed
Effective Wednesday, September 22, 2021, Wilkes County Schools is no longer required to send potential exposure letters to parents/guardi...

GW Pool! Place your bets!
Ok folks, what's your bet on how long before the Feds find Brian Laundrie? And if you want to double down, will they take him alive?

Joe Biden Created the Border Crisis
No, he has not created jobs, he has not created unity among us, he has not created peace anywhere, but he has created a border crisis, cr...

He Graduated from S Hole High
https://www.westernjournal....alf class

who's at fault
According to the repub's in the 8 months that Biden's been in office everything that has gone wrong is his fault. But in the 4 years that...

Where do you think COVID 19 came from?p
Inquiring minds want to know.

The media know the difference between reins & whips.
Or do they? Your reality is being dictated by lunacy. The lies and misinformation is not by accident. Its purpose is chaos.

So Biden HAS been to the border
Let me be first to offer my apology. I assumed Biden was lying when he said he had been to the border. I simply used statistics and commo...

A Great Opportunity to Test the Efficacy of Capital Punishment

The Great Commission.. Why do Christians start off being hypocrites?
Jesus: 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the ...

Heroic Depo Speaks Out Against Cancel Culture

Obama's plan comes together under Biden.
https://nypost.com/2021/08/... by obama

Please Mr. President don't do it
As an American citizen I am begging our president. Please, please don't do it. Yesterday our Blundering said he was going to "get it...

They Were Going to Bulldoze the American Republic for TFG and are still trying
A rich kid fail son who inherited all his daddy's cash and squandered it many times over before clawing himself back into putative solven...

With nasty nancy's January Sixth commission?

What went wrong in Haiti?
Do you ever wonder why they are coming here? Health, energetic, young families, leaving their home behind to come sleep under a bridge an...

****ing New Report Reveals What Wuhan Scientists, British Zoologist Were Up To In Months Before
The Pandemic Started. Here we go. They were trying to make a different type of virus at Wuhan. It would have had a 30% mortality rate. Ig...

Is Satan really that bad of a guy?
All he wants is to equal. American ideals are Satanic. Isn't that what America is based on, equality for everyone?


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